About Me

This is where I’m supposed to tell you about me. But if you look at the photos on my website, you will see me. I put a little piece of my soul into every photo I take, as a true artist should. I take photography from the level of craftsmanship to artisanship.

I create timeless portraits. My style includes both classic portraiture, as well as photojournalistic-style photography. What does this mean?

Imagine seeing portraits of your family taken by a photojournalist, not a studio photographer. You would see your family as they really are – laughing, interacting, being themselves – you might see the image of your husband tenderly kissing his little girl’s forehead, or even a shocking moment in which your two little boys stop fighting momentarily for a brotherly hug.

These are the moments I capture with my camera. What you will NOT see in your portrait is the frozen grin and stiff posing associated with many mass-market studios. I can spot the difference between a genuine, spontaneous smile and a “say cheese” one a mile away. I’ll bet you can too.

That is why I take time to bond with those I’m photographing… to get to know them and to get them to relax and start being themselves.

Whether you prefer a more classic portrait, or editorial-style candid’s, I will give you portraits that beautifully capture the real person… portraits that make you smile and say, “That’s so them!”